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Despite this, we find ourselves enjoying his endearing qualities — but we still remain uncertain about how we truly feel about him. Hal ini terungkap di mana patronusnya adalah rusa betina yaitu patronus yang sama dengan Lily, yang ditunjukannya ke Dumbledore untuk membuktikan perasaannya selama ini kepada Lily. Masa kecil Snape jarang sekali disinggung dalam buku. One of them was a Slytherin.And he was the bravest man I've ever known." He was raised in Spinner's End in Cokeworth. Professor Severus Tobias Snape, O.M. The majority of Harry Potter characters tend to fall into one of two categories, however: good or evil. Snapes große, dünne Gestalt wirkt schon wegen seines schwarzen Umhangs von Kopf bis Fuß düster und bedrohlich. Menurut J.K Rowling, karena Snape melarikan diri dengan masih menjabat kepala sekolah Hogwarts, lukisannya tidak dipajang di kantor Kepala Sekolah di akhir cerita. When Rickman passed away in 2016, the entire world mourned the loss of a beloved entertainer. Snape is a double agent for the ages. Sometimes he expresses his inner feelings. There is more to the question than meets the eye. Narcissa hendak meminta Snape untuk melindungi Draco, anaknya, yang mendapat tugas khusus dari Voldemort. Sampai akhirnya dia dibunuh oleh Voldemort, penyamarannya sebagai Pelahap Maut tidak terungkap, dan menjadi musuh Orde Phoenix dan Guru Hogwarts. Aku telah memata-matai kau dan berbohong untukmu, menempatkan diriku dalam bahaya besar bagimu. Di saat remaja pun Snape adalah murid yang tidak populer karena kesukaannya pada ilmu hitam. Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling (1) Exclude Characters Severus Snape (1) Harry Potter (1) Ron Weasley (1) Exclude Relationships Harry Potter & Severus Snape & Ron Weasley (1) Exclude Additional Tags Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (1) Fluff and Humor (1) … Di bagian akhir Snape membunuh Dumbledore dengan kutukan Avada Kedavra dan pergi meninggalkan Hogwarts.Saat membunuh Dumbledore, terlihat bahwa raut wajah Snape terlihat seperti marah,padahal ekspresinya tersebut bukanlah berarti dia benci pada Dumbledore, namun benci akan dirinya yang harus membunuh orang yang sangat dia hormati. Menjelang Pertempuran Hogwarts, ia melarikan diri setelah sempat berduel melawan Minerva McGonagall. Sebelum kematian Dumbledore, Snape berjanji untuk melindungi para siswa Hogwarts dari para Pelahap Maut, yang mau tidak mau akan mengambil kendali dari Kementerian Sihir serta sekolah. Severitus Challenge - After reading so many stories about where Severus Snape is somehow Harry’s father, I have decided to write a parody about them. Why Snape is the best part of Harry Potter. Snape is still one of the most mysterious HP characters to date. His comedic talents are on full display in Galaxy Quest and Dogma, for example, and he plays the romantic hero in Love Actually and Sense and Sensibility. Severus Snape Wand Pen and Bookmark. Seine schwarzen Augen sind undurchdringlich und verbergen, was der ausgezeichnete Okklumentiker Snape wirklich denkt. Snape is not prone to grandiose displays of power, unlike certain other wizards. Consider, for a moment, the enormity of Snape's loyalty: After Lily dies, he is forced to return to Voldemort and pledge allegiance to the man who killed her. After Snape kills Dumbledore, we align ourselves with Harry in his hatred of Snape. Ini disebabkan karena Mantra Patronus membutuhkan pikiran positif agar berfungsi sepenuhnya, sesuatu yang tidak dimiliki oleh para Pelahap Maut. 9 Ocak 1960 yılında doğan, melez büyücülerden biri olan Severus Snape, kelimenin tam anlamıyla bir sır küpü. Alan Rickman stepped into Severus Snape's shoes in 2001, and has since been immortalized for his memorable performance in every film of the Harry Potter franchise. Severus, Hogwarts Ekspresi'nde ilk karşılaştıkları günden beri James ve Sirius'a düşmandır, James'in grubu tarafından devamlı aşağılanır, hatta James ona Sümsükus (Snivelly) lakabını takmıştır. Hogwarts' social dynamics are brutal, and can leave students spinning. Without Snape's instinctual desire to protect those around him, the entire wizarding world would have fallen to Voldemort. Tobias was neglectful and possibly physically abusive, and he and Eileen argued and fought each other. Snape menjadi kepala sekolah Hogwarts, setelah Kementerian Sihir diambil alih oleh Pelahap Maut. W sąsiedztwie znajdowało się wiele zrujnowanych domostw i brudna rzeka. Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy might be two very different characters with their own personalities and storylines, but there is some overlap. Complete. Snape sieht aus wie der typische \"Böse\" mit seiner Hakennase, seinen chronisch fettigen Haaren und einer leisen, aber durchdringenden und \"ölig\" klingenden Stimme. Snape remains true. Snape's determination is rooted in his protective instincts. Karena laporannya pada Voldemort tentang Ramalan, membuat dia menyesali perbuatannya; Voldemort jadi mengejar Harry Potter, anak dari Lily Potter. Je považován za hlavního tragického hrdinu celé literární série. It's refreshing, and often hilarious. Helen Mirren described him best in an interview with Entertainment Tonight when she said, "He was utterly distinctive, with a voice that could suggest honey or a hidden stiletto blade, and the profile of a Roman Emperor." Fanfiction Romance Harry Potter Severus Snape Hogwarts Malfoy Alruba "Ruby" Narcissa Malfoy has always been a gifted witch, and being the oldest in the Malfoy family, a lot is expected of her. Severus menjadi musuh langsung James Potter dan Sirius Black dan sering menjadi korban intimidasi mereka. Harry tidak menduga bahwa akhirnya Dumbledore mempercayakan Snape untuk mengajar subyek yang disukainya itu. By: Fangalla Marie and Eppy the House Elf. Baik Dumbledore maupun Voldemort beranggapan Snape ada di pihak mereka. Namun akhirnya Snape bersedia melakukan Sumpah-Tak-Terlanggar, yaitu dia akan menyelesaikan tugas yang diemban Draco bila Draco terbunuh ataupun tidak sanggup melakukannya. Some people might consider Snape's relationship with Lily obsessive, but he did step back as she went on with her own life, even if it meant Lily marrying a man who used to bully Snape.And while it's true that Snape went to the Potter's house after Voldemort's attack, it was a natural reaction. His subtle, silky tone caused a familiar chill to run down fans' spines — a chill they recognized from sitting alone in their bedrooms, devouring scenes involving the mysterious potions master. The roller coaster of emotion provided by Snape's character journey is thus unmatched across the franchise. Harry curiga Snape justru membuka pikirannya agar dapat dimasuki Voldemort, sementara Snape marah besar ketika Harry kepergok melihat kenangan terburuknya dalam Pensieve. His life is one of isolation: Everyone has to truly believe, at their core, that he represents everything he actually abhors. Severus Snape is a fictional character in J. K. Rowling 's Harry Potter series. Furthermore, Voldemort's Death Eaters are empowered by their hatred. Most other characters in the series have a clear path towards their destiny, but Snape's is winding and shadowy. Though he strays from goodness, he finds his way back in the end, guided by the North Star that is his love for Lily. Selain itu, Harry kemudian menamai putra keduanya Albus Severus Potter untuk menghormati Dumbledore dan Severus, keduanya merupakan inspirasi dalam kehidupan Harry setelah Pertempuran Hogwarts. Begitu pun Snape, yang selalu mempersulit Harry dalam pelajaran, dan senantiasa mencari-cari kesempatan untuk mengeluarkan Harry dari Hogwarts. A Professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Snape is hostile … In order to gain Voldemort's trust, Snape needs to lie to nearly every person in his life — and so he does. When Severus Snape's face popped on screen in the first film, quite a few of those nervous Harry Potter enthusiasts exhaled in relief. His virtue is tested on a far greater scale than almost anyone else in Harry Potter. The Official Harry Potter … Hogwarts’ın en karmaşık isimlerinden biri olan Severus Snape, serinin gidişatını derinden etkileyen, olmazsa olmaz isimlerden birisi. They both start out as villainous, but over time, they are shown to be more complex than that. Bila Snape tidak melakukan hal itu, maka nyawanya menjadi taruhannya. Lily’nin ölümünden sonra Hogwarts’ta İksir Profesörü olarak göreve başlayan … Tapi Fudge mengabaikannya. Severus Tobias Snape là một nhân vật hư cấu trong bộ tiểu thuyết dài 7 tập Harry Potter của nữ nhà văn Anh Quốc J. K. Rowling. There is also his skill in casting wandless spells, his talent for dueling, and his useful array of healing spells. He seeks to protect Harry, son of the woman he loves, from Voldemort, by diving into the belly of the beast. He dies in a boat shed, staring into the eyes of the woman he loves in the face of his childhood tormentor. Snape, at heart, is a sensitive creature. Ti dva k sobě nikdy nenajdou cestu, ale přetrvávající láska k Lily způsobí, že Snape nikdy Harrymu doopravdy neublíží, a když mu hrozí smrtelné nebezpečí, vždycky ho chrání. Snape terlahir dari pasangan Tobias Snape, seorang Muggle, dan Eileen Prince yang penyihir. Snape is hated by most people in the wizarding world. But ultimately, he doesn't much care what people think of him. Bir zamanlar Severus Snape adında bir büyücü varmış. In terms of potions, it is his brew that allows Dumbledore to extend his life when he is cursed by one of Voldemort's horcruxes. Severus Snape (9. januar 1960 - 2. maj 1998) er en fiktiv person fra Harry Potter-universet, der er medlem af fakultetet på troldmandsskolen Hogwarts.Han er overhoved på Slytherin-kollegiet og eliksir-lærer indtil Harry Potters 6. skoleår, hvor han bliver lærer i Forsvar mod Mørkets Kræfter. Snape may have lost his way, as many of us do, but once he chooses the virtuous path, he remains devoted to it. Severus Snape in the animated series. But let us not forget that he was a  teenager at the time, and had spent his years at Hogwarts being ruthlessly bullied. Dalam Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix, Snape atas suruhan Dumbledore memberi pelajaran Occlumency pada Harry. He is utterly alone in the world in his final moments. Said devotion is tested more than any other, but he does not waver. These fans had their own interpretations of the characters cemented in their minds, and they prayed that the films would do Snape justice. Hubungan antara Dumbledore dan Snape akan menjadi salah satu dari sekian banyak loyalitas yang luar biasa kuat, sehingga Snape setuju untuk membunuh Dumbledore atas permintaan sendiri. Dia berhidung bengkok seperti paruh elang, berambut klimis-hitam-pendek, dan paler panjang. Snape is immediately viewed as the villain by Harry and his friends. It's the most dramatic character arc in the entire series: Snape goes from being hated by every single person in Hogwarts to having Harry's child named after him. Snape pun mencari Harry ke Hutan Terlarang ketika ia dan Umbridge tidak juga kembali. That's selflessness on a scale that can scarcely be comprehended. Harry diberitahu Trelawney bahwa Snape-lah yang mencuri dengar pembicaraannya dengan Dumbledore di Hog's Head ketika Trelawney hendak melamar jabatan sebagai guru Hogwarts. (Second Class), (b. (He teaches defense against the dark arts.) Diungkapkan pula James membenci Snape sejak pertama kali bertemu di Hogwarts Express dan saling menghina. At times, the late actor almost seems to know Snape better than J.K. Rowling herself. Meski demikian Snape telah melihat wujud Lupin sebagai manusia serigala. Di saat remaja pun Snape adalah murid yang tidak populer karena kesukaannya pada ilmu hitam. Ini menempatkannya pada tahun yang sama dengan Lily tetapi sayangnya dia berada di asrama saingan. Hal ini mungkin atas suruhan Dumbledore, karena Harry seringkali mendapati Snape "menatap jijik" pada Lupin. Believe it or not, his first feature film role was Hans Gruber in Die Hard, who has become one of the most iconic villains in movie history. Severus Snape Song Lyrics: When I was a boy, a student at Hogwarts / I paid attention to my studies not Quidditch or sports / And then a boy James Potter always picked on me / … Cookies help us deliver our Services. Ini membuatnya selalu marah pada putra James Harry ketika dia menjadi profesor. Snape juga ditugaskan untuk memberikan pedang Godric Gryffindor pada Harry tanpa ketahuan identitasnya. Snape menyelamatkan Harry ketika Quirell memantrai sapunya, namun Harry tetap membencinya. Severus Snape is the misunderstood character of the Harry Potter series. The Half-blood Prince tears our emotions asunder with each new viewing marathon, series re-read, and passionate discussion with fellow fans. Dalam buku ketujuh, diungkapkan bahwa Snape sebenarnya mencintai dan berteman dengan Lily Evans sejak kecil, dan keduanya selalu bersama sampai masuk Hogwarts. Long before the character arrives at his final destination, Rickman's performance lays the groundwork with its careful balance of prickliness and ennui. For an endeavor that requires transforming a deeply personal reading experience into a visual story millions will evaluate, that's an impressive feat. Aside from a few twists here and there, most characters in Harry Potter remain on a single trajectory. Sesaat sebelum Lily Evans dibunuh oleh Lord Voldemort, Snape berganti sisi dan menjadi anggota Orde Phoenix serta agen ganda selama Perang Penyihir Kedua. It's even more impressive when you consider Snape was only on screen for a grand total of 43 minutes across all eight films. Voldemort's prodigious skill as a Legilimens means that Snape cannot leave even a single person (save Dumbledore, whose skill matches Voldemort's) in doubt as to his evil nature. Upon becoming students at Hogwarts, they are sorted into separate houses. It's the "best of him," as Dumbledore says, and the reason he is one of the series' most memorable heroes. From his earliest days as a Hogwarts student, Snape has proved he is a genius wizard, and his standing in the wizarding world reflects that. Satu-satunya anak dari Muggle Tobias Snape dan penyihir Gobstones Eileen Snape (née Prince), Severus dibesarkan di tempat tinggal Muggle di Spinner's End, yang dekat dengan rumah keluarga Evans, meskipun di daerah yang lebih miskin. Karena perbedaan pendapat dan salah faham, keduanya berpisah pada jalan masing-masing. Snape began to favour Eileen's side of the family and adopted the name the "Half-Blood Prince". Follow/Fav Harry Potter & the Severus Snape Parody. A prime example of this is in Prisoner of Azkaban, when he addresses Hermione by saying, "Ms. Granger, are you incapable of restraining yourself, or do you take pride in being an insufferable know-it-all?" Harry Potter: 10 Things Only Book Fans Know About Severus Snape. By Julia Korneva Feb 12, 2018. Snape-lah yang menciptakan mantera tersebut. Tobias probably shaped Snape's views and behaviour later in life. Jul 12, 2017 - Explore Melanie Pallansch's board "Snape...Snape...Severus Snape!" Harry juga dipengaruhi oleh asrama Hogwarts Severus, dan dengan bebas mengakui bahwa Albus (anaknya) dapat memilih Slytherin jika dia menginginkannya. Severus Snape's knowledge of magic is encyclopedic. Terlepas dari pendapat sebagian besar orang lain termasuk Harry selama masa mudanya, Albus Dumbledore memercayai Snape untuk alasan yang disimpan di antara mereka berdua sampai kematian mereka. Dia bertemu Lily dan Petunia Evans ketika dia berusia sembilan tahun dan jatuh cinta dengan Lily, menjadi teman dekatnya.

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