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In past years we’ve also tested and dismissed the Jiffy Esteam Travel Steamer, the Steamfast SF-435 Compact Fabric Steamer, and the Shark Press & Refresh Garment Care System (GS500). A simple twist-and-click movement locks the tank back into the steamer. Power: 2000 watts, Reasons to buy: Beautiful design, easily transportable It’s also comfortable to hold and has exceptional features, better than those of any other handheld steamer we tried. Let’s get started: Best Steamer for Curtains and Drapes. That said, if money’s no object then this – once assembled – is the best of the lot. The power cord measures 2m and the steam hose 1.2m. The entire base is designed to be tall and thin, but it doesn’t topple over. Its powerful blasts of steam, comfortable grip, and smart accessories make it the one we grab over and over. And there are no grips for trousers! It comes with a three-year limited warranty. The steam shot … 75 AED 379.00 AED379.00. Pressure & Crisper Lid, Glass Lid. In previous years we also tested and dismissed the Conair Travel Smart, the Pure Enrichment PureSteam Portable Fabric Steamer, and the Joy Mangano My Little Steamer Go Mini. www.grammarly.com. Handheld steamers start at £50. The pole telescopes down for storage but the board doesn’t fold away, so you can’t make the Philips much smaller. It is very aesthetically pleasing, although the lack of a portable tank means it's not as compatible as other products. It’s a good value buy for refreshing clothes – including delicate dresses – but other vertical steamers are more powerful. Also, the water tank doesn’t have a very big hole, so you might need a cup with a spout to fill it (like I did). Unusually it also offers variable steam, with a dial on the base. There are just two things going against this premium Tefal. We liked the clip-on brush, with bristles that encircle the steam head, as it’s good to picking up lint in all directions, but it doesn’t double as a crease tool. It was the only steamer I tested that had this feature. 6-Quart Black. They typically pack down to the size of a small, cylinder vacuum cleaner. Like those of all floor-standing steamers I tried, the Reliable’s removable tank was easy to fill, with a screw-on cap and a wide opening that fit under a faucet. Other small details, like a tricky-to-use on-off button, prompted us to move it lower on our list. The Sunbeam checked every box on our list: It was effective on wrinkles, didn’t leave wet spots on test fabrics, and felt comfortable to hold. There are two types of clothing steamer to choose from: Handheld clothing steamer These pack away no bigger than a shoebox and are great for travel, taking to work or if you work in the fashion industry – stylists love them. Its best feature, though, is its accessories. Whether you go for a small, portable steamer or a larger vertical model with built-in clothes hanger, the method is the same. I had to push the power button several times to get it to work, and it was the slowest steamer to heat up in our testing. The tank holds a gallon of water (the most of any steamer I tried), it heats up quickly, and its steam head was much more comfortable for extended use … It comes in a carry bag and with two attachments: a steam cover for delicate fabrics and a brush for heavier fabrics and upholstery. The elegant Philips lives in our fantasy walk-in wardrobe. Buy now: Morphy Richards 361000 Handheld Garment Steamer, £50, Amazon, Best mid-priced handheld clothing steamer, Capacity: 140ml The power cord measures 2m and the steam hose 1.2m. Buy now: Philips GC524 EasyTouch Plus standing garment steamer, £94.08, Amazon, Capacity: 1.8 litres It does, however, cost about four times as much as the Sunbeam. This Conair Travel Smart steamer handles dual voltage, so all you’ll need is a small, cheap converter (rather than a pricier transformer). There’s just one clip-on tool but this boasts a brush with stiff bristles at the top and a squeegee at the bottom, good for lifting lint. But we’d pick the Tefal if we had to steam a pile of clothes. The chunky Russell Hobbs won’t win any awards for its looks but it performs fairly well, delivery 25g/min steam from a good-sized 260ml water tank. Dimensions: 31 x 41 x 161cm Garment steamer uses. Steamers are also a convenient way to smooth wrinkled curtains or drapes—without having to take them down. Although it has some nice details, overall you get what you pay for. Steam Measured in g/min, the larger the number, the more powerful the steam (removes creases quicker); a few steamers let you adjust the level for different fabric types. This portable Beldray steamer has a more angular design and a handle that turns around by 180° to pack away smaller. It was as effective as other full-size steamers at smoothing wrinkles (and also similar to the handheld Sunbeam in this regard), but it was the only one that didn’t spit any water. Even little touches are nice, like the Velcro tie that stops the 3m cord getting in a tangle when you store the steamer. Travel fabric steamers. Aan-/uitschakelaar. Steam is the best of the bunch, with a 5.8-bar pressure delivering 90g/min constant steam and an immensely powerful 200g/min steam shot when you squeeze the trigger. It heats up in 35 seconds. Aldi Clothes Steamer! The elegant, compact design is perfect if you want a vertical clothes steamer in your bedroom as a clothes horse, to give garments a quick refresh in the morning. If you want to steam lots though, clothing steamers feel much nicer than holding a heavy iron aloft. This makes the Russell Hobbs more versatile but the results are nothing like those from a powerful steam cleaner. The power cord is long at 3m and it has two steam settings, of up to 25g/min, and comes up to temperature in 45 seconds. Reasons to avoid: At £299, this steamer should be seen as a long term investment. Big water tanks: The bigger the tank, the longer you can use your steamer before having to refill it. The 25g/min steam is powerful and the trigger features a sliding switch, so you can keep it on constantly if you want to. We found the green eco setting was good enough for most jobs and the blue main setting was better, powerful enough for collars. Accessories include a lightweight mitt, to protect your other hand as you steam, and a plate with holes in, to place behind collars and other areas that you want to press firmly. Definitely the best for handheld power, you could blitz a pile of garments with the Fridja where other handhelds are designed more for just refreshing one or two items. Dimensions: 10 x 12 x 24.5 cm And you can press clothes against a surface because there’s a long fabric mesh that comes down vertically from the hanger at the top of the Fridja. Emerio Produkte im Angebot. Some steamers also come with a heatproof mitt to protect your free hand. A garment steamer is usually bought to iron your clothes without the need of any of the best steam irons and without an ironing board. The Deneve Portable Garment Steamer, our former also-great pick, was discontinued and became unavailable while we were retesting it in 2019. Power: 1900 watts, Reasons to buy: Its long steam hose If the base tips backward, some water will dribble out of the tank. Stoomstoot. This elegant Philips clothing steamer has a slender design. The Rowenta DR8080 Powerful Handheld Garment and Fabric Steamer is about as heavy as the Sunbeam, but its 6½-ounce water tank is almost half the size. The control is a backlit button on the back. If the Sunbeam is sold out or unavailable, the Turbo ExtremeSteam was the next-best handheld I tried. Buy now: Philips ComfortTouch Plus GC558/36, from £160, at Amazon, Capacity: 70 ml Also read: Best steam irons – the top models to make ironing fast and easy. IT344 Upright Pro Style review: Tefal’s garment steamer wows This clothes steamer promise creaseless clothes in seconds meaning no more iron and ironing board. Reasons to avoid: Can’t be used horizontally. A flexible hose makes this steamer the most comfortable of our picks to use. Power: 1600 watts, Reasons to buy: Clip-on brush helps pick up lint We’ve tested a mix of clothes steamers to suit all budgets. Unusually it comes with three tools. For this guide I also built on the research of Camille Perri and Tim Heffernan. I used them vertically (on clothes hung from hangers) and horizontally (spread out on an ironing board), and I measured the length of the steamers’ extension cords and the size of their water tanks. She moderates Wirecutter’s staff book club and makes her bed every morning. Expect a soft cover for more delicate fabrics and a brush for tougher fabrics and upholstery. Besides, the automatic shut-off function of this tool is designed to enhance your safety. It spit on our test fabrics, and it wasn’t as powerful as the Reliable Vivio 500GC. Tap to unmute. Jackie Reeve is a senior staff writer covering bedding, organization, and home goods at Wirecutter since 2015. 2.9 out of 5 stars 2. Editors, The Best Clothes Steamers on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviews, The Strategist, May 10, 2019, Sarah Bogden, These Are the 10 Best Garment Steamers to Buy, Good Housekeeping, December 7, 2018. Comfortable: Midsize handheld steamers can be especially top-heavy and awkward to hold. The Black+Decker 2-in-1 Steam & Iron Handheld Steamer & Press Plate (HGS312) was the best of the three Black+Decker steamers we tried, and it performed about as well as the Sunbeam and Conair steamers. With over 5,000 5-star Amazon reviews, it's safe to say that the Hilife Garment Steamer is a consumer favorite. Power: 1650 watts, Reasons to buy: Comes with three handy tools Not all decent garment steamers have to come at a hefty price tag, as proven by the Aerogaz Garment Steamer AZ-1116GS which costs an affordable $52. Capacity: 270ml Skriv en recension. They work best—and fastest—on thinner fabrics like silk and polyester, which you probably don’t want to iron anyway for fear of scorching them. And the power cable is a bit on the short side at 2m. It is the only garment steamer with auxiliary heating in the steam brush. Buy now: Tefal Access Steam Minute DT700, from £64.99, Amazon. And its fill hole is small, so it’s tricky to fill it accurately under a tap. In previous years we tested and dismissed the Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet and the Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet Full Size Garment Steamer (which are virtually identical to each other), the Steamfast SF-510 Fabric Steamer, the Sunbeam S1500 Classic Garment Steamer and the nearly identical Singer SteamWorks Pro, and the Conair Ultimate Fabric Steamer (GS28). We pulled our former top pick, the Joy Mangano My Little Steamer, after reports of a lawsuit related to claims of severe steam burns. In this review we are going to discuss more of the features of the Philips Garment Steamer (Model: Philips GC504/35 1600-Watt) to see how it can work well for every household.In addition, we are also going to look at the overview of what individuals who have purchased and used this garment steamer has to … The 2.5m cord is long enough and the 20g/min steam feels powerful enough. No more getting late to the office! This is handy for travel or just if you want a bigger capacity. Below we explain some of the main pros and cons versus buying an iron, but make sure you check our garment steamer first look reviews to get our full verdict on individual models, as we found some better than others. Some handheld garment steamers are especially compact, and these are often marketed as travel models, as they're small enough to pack in a suitcase. Buy now: Tefal IXEO Power QT2020 All-in-One Iron & Clothes Steamer Solution, £299, John Lewis & Partners, Capacity: 260ml A steamer can be helpful if you want to avoid storing a big ironing board in a small apartment, but that’s only realistic if your laundry isn’t that wrinkled. Wrinkled blouses don’t stay wrinkled for very long – with a pass or two of the … These five useful things were the most-purchased Wirecutter picks in September. They say the devil is in the details, but with the Sunbeam Power Steam Fabric Steamer, the details were downright heavenly. You can use it to press shirts but an iron does the job better. 1. It leaked water, couldn’t be used horizontally, and didn’t get very hot. There’s no trigger: you turn it off at the base if you want to pause: there’s a delay of 10 seconds as it stops or starts. It comes with an attractive, grey, heatproof storage bag that is also long and thin. The results will never be as strong as pressing with an iron, but they are good enough: you could use the steam head to remove wrinkles from, say, school shirts and then give collars a quick press with the tool at the top. Be careful rolling the Vivio across the floor when the tank is full—it can splash water. Steamers generally heat up in a couple of minutes, and the top ones we’ve tested melt away wrinkles with very little effort. It’s ready in 75 seconds but there’s no figure for how much steam it delivers, the specs only state that it’s at 5 bars of pressure. Again this portable Beldray is available at great prices online. If you have space for a vertical garment steamer then it’s a good buy. Power: 1500 watts, Reasons to buy: Portable, lightweight, compact I used these criteria to find the best steamers: Good power: The steamers with the strongest bursts of hot steam flattened wrinkles the fastest. I tried each steamer with a variety of materials, including cotton sheets, button-down shirts, and silks, noting which models met the above criteria. By comparison, the HiLife Steamer weighs 1½ pounds when empty and has an 8-ounce water tank. Its matt finish is classy, feels great and makes for excellent grip: it won’t slip in your hand. Portable (aka travel-size) steamers are not the most impressive examples of modern engineering—most of them leak, and they’re not that powerful—but the Conair Complete Steam Hand Held Fabric Steamer (GS2) is the best one we’ve found, and it even outperformed some bigger, pricier models. I narrowed the list by reading user reviews from those same retailers, checking for things like customer service concerns and for reports of steamers that didn’t last long, and I looked at each steamer’s specifications—warranty, water-tank size, and useful features. The Sunbeam didn’t; out of eight handheld steamers I tried in 2019, only the Sunbeam and the Conair Turbo ExtremeSteam left clothes completely dry. I’ve written our guides to cotton sheets, flannel sheets, bed blankets, throw blankets, pajamas, robes, bath towels, and duvet covers, among others. Bear in mind that the best steam irons offer vertical steam too. Info. I wanted to be able to steam an outfit in minutes and get out the door. Like similar handheld  models, it takes up no more space than a shoebox, including accessories. It’s nearly 6 feet tall, with a base about the size of a canister vacuum; despite its cumbersome size, it was my favorite steamer to use in testing. Dimensions: 14.6 x 12 x 29 cm It also comes with a clever metal hook that loops over the top of a door, giving you somewhere to hang clothes for steaming. Power: 1600 watts, Reasons to buy: Lighweight and easy to handle, 3m cable Like most of the midsize handheld steamers I tested, the Sunbeam Power Steam Fabric Steamer produced ample steam for the job, and it was easier to hold and more thoughtfully designed than the competition. It didn’t glide smoothly across the fabric (which it tended to bunch), making me wonder why I wasn’t just using an iron. Clothing steamers are better for taking creases out of more complex garments, including dresses. Its water tank holds a generous 11 ounces, the second biggest of our handheld test group, after the Black+Decker HGS200 (13 ounces). Weight: 1.27 kg This floor-standing steamer was more pleasant to use than the other big steamers we tried. Some I tried came with special tools for that purpose, but they were time-consuming and fiddly, and they made me wonder why I hadn’t just gotten out the iron. *At the time of publishing, the price was $55. Reasons to avoid: Tiny water tank capacity. The pole comes in 5 parts, so you can remove one for a lower height if you prefer, but it’s not telescopic so you can’t adjust it to be short for storage. If pulling out the iron feels like a slog or you want to give your hand-washed delicates a professional finish, a wrinkle-busting steamer can polish your look in minutes. No water marks: A water stain can ruin a delicate, expensive fabric, and dribbling water can also be a safety hazard with a plugged-in appliance. AED 258.75 AED 258. Dimensions: 34.5 x 19.5 x 22 cm The Reliable’s wheels were better on hardwood floors than those of any other full-size steamer I tried, but be careful when storing the steamer or moving it around. The Sunbeam is heavy—it was too heavy for one of our editors to use regularly in long-term testing. Performance is good, not great… but it is superb for the price. Since steaming involves a fair amount of arm lifting, I looked for steamers that were comfortable enough to use for several minutes at a time. Power: 1600 watts, Reasons to buy: Multiple ways to hang garments Dimensions: 173 x 33 x 37 cm Stoomafgifte 15-25g/min. If you think you’ll use a steamer regularly, invest in the well-made Sunbeam, but if you just need to smooth a wrinkle now and then—at home or while traveling—the Conair is a solid choice. Power cord and steam hose each measure 1.8m and steam is ready in just over the stated 70 seconds. I considered only models with solid warranties, in case they give up the ghost too soon. Here’s how to get rid of them. Image credit: Aerogaz Despite being half the price of most of its competitors, Aerogaz still flexes a 45-second start up time and decently-sized 1.3L water tank. Its constant 40g/min steam is powerful enough to get the job done and is up to temperature within 60 seconds of switching on. Even if you don’t purchase a portable version, the standing garment steamers are incredibly easy to move around the house because of their wheels and streamlined design. In 2019 testing, the Conair Turbo ExtremeSteam Garment Steamer performed just as well as the Sunbeam, and it was comfortable to use, but it costs a few dollars more, and the water tank is smaller, by 3 ounces.

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