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No questions asked. My credit card was compromised so I have a new card and they can’t help me.  We have heard many stories of former Airbnb Hosts and Guests who have contacted Airbnb and spent literally weeks going back and forth via email messages and phone calls before either giving up, or finally reaching a real manager with authority to resolve real issues. Not at all. Your email address will not be published. During my 3 month stay, the entire first month and much of the second month so far, there hasn’t been working and or, reliable internet service. The result of this is a bunch of a-holes who rent out the property to party and make a ton of noise without regard for other homeowners in the community. Or advised how I should do this. Then I went to the Air BnB website to report it. Highlight that this is misleading 4. ask for a full refund It is in the hosts interests not to cause trouble with Airbnb by displaying inaccurate information. Never expected this kind of hospitality and response from a host and Airbnb. 28 sep 2019. Sounds like anyone can rent here, scam or not as along as airbnb get its money. Trust & Safety: Airbnb provides information about online safety as well as in-person safety. if you care to look at the communication between us you will see that I was in fact helpful. If you come to central Washington (State), be careful booking on this site; the booking you make could be some family’s home, who have no idea about the listing for their address on airbnb. We have two fraudulent charges and we have no verified phone number and aren’t AirBNB customers. Nothing. I want corporates number. Also, there is no record of our “trip” and we cannot post a review online to warn others. Call again and demand a supervisor call he tried telling me the same as before but I said I am not hanging up so keep trying. I ask the manager if this establishment was safe and he became very aggressive, argumentative and told me to google the place…I asked him what the establishment was called and he told me. Neighborhood and Township went to great expense to ask that this Vacation Rental By Owner not be permitted. I would appreciate if you could check this first. He has done works to our house, split it in two and is now renting both sections on Airbnb. All this time I’m pregnant stressed and this stupid Air BnB host dog hopped on my stomach during my first day at that Air BnB. What is the name of the person you contacted that finally resolved your problem? Erreichbarkeit unklar: Leider gibt Airbnb keine Auskunft zu Geschäftszeiten oder zusätzliche Kosten der Servicenummer. In any case, what is Airbnb’s policy on hosts who’s properties are not as advertised? Jessicas b&b. Filthiest floor, mold in the vent, hair in the drains and sink, broken toilet, no amenities, no cleaning supplies, and more. Better class of clients too as they are properly vetted. That means that won’t refund me ????? and here we are needing to start ALL over to try and find 4 NEW reservations within a short time frame…. Host has also listed that room has TV but it doesn’t work, it’s just a dummy piece in the room. Airbnb is the WORST. The rooms looked fantastic, clean and the pool etc looked neat. My guest did not yet somehow it is ok with you that she has given me an inaccurate review, the first and only bad review I have had since starting with Airbnb, when she did not even stay here. They don’t care about the fraud, or they have so much fraud to deal with they don’t have enough people to handle it – I don’t know which it is. Have you got your account resolved? She was extremely disoriented and kept saying 911 so I walked out and told them that it couldn’t wait, I was calling 911. This is unacceptable and I will be taking legal action if this is not resolved promptly. I refuse to pay anything for the Airbnb and right now the whole thing feels like a scam. Sincerely an angered customer. This is our very first family reunion as adults and aside from the hurricane trying to ruin it we now have Airbnb keeping us apart. The ignorent Airbnb rep will not know that and we answer everything else but what’s really going on. Contacting superhost Andrea, she tells me the “key is on the way, with UPS, and should arrive tomorrow”. I’m frustrated because they have absolutely NO customer service and their policies for handling issues are unfair and unreasonable. we are really unsatisfied with this . How we don’t have any idea. So now I have no way to contact customer service or log in to my account since I am locked out. A bit fishy. So my cc bank sent me an email telling me that this cant be refunded because of the cancellation policy and it is already closed. They also told me I am put in “urgent” (I guess same as “priority”) but that’s bullshit because it has almost been a month since. I called customer service and asked why I’m being charged when the host cancelled not me. I filled for a request of refund but haven’t got any feed from the host yet. I agree this is a class action law suit in the making, I also live nextdoor to an airbnb and they have pictures of my property as thier lakeview! They all said they had no idea when someone from the “team” that handles this would call me back. Shame on you and curse your “Cozy Cottage” to Airbnb Hell. I knew they couldn’t give me info, but perhaps they encountered her and could help her. I’m fed up of waiting I will call my bank and ask for a chargeback. Fortunately, my payment method on my account is PayPal and they are refunding the money. The contact in Brazil has told her (via email) because it is impossible to contact anyone directly that she has requested Airbnb to cancel the booking over a month ago- however, no proof of it has been sent to her. The timing was uncanny. Look, I know bad Coronavirus has been I know people are in need of assistance. They weren’t able to get me a hotel in the same area if it weren’t for my dad getting me and my daughter a hotel we would’ve been in Miami sleeping in our car for a few days. The next day the guy sends me a message telling me that no I was no longer confirmed and that the new special price was $430 more per night for my 7 night stay. I phoned the host, Shay. As I had no communication with airbnb about the cancellation they did not even get in touch to ask what I felt about a refund or to find out my side of the story. On Monday, 8/25, just 7 days before, Tanya informed me that Sextant can no longer honor the reservation. In this community, any lease must be filed with the HOA. So in fact I followed the Arbnb policy to the letter. That same ****ing day, mid-conversation with my girlfriend about the trip, I get an automated message from Airbnb that our reservations were cancelled. I booked an 8 day stay with them and the morning after checking in our rental the place was infested with ants. I contacted AirBnb to complain and cancel my account when I got home, and was stunned to hear the phone rep (yes they do make it very difficult to contact them by phone) blame me for all the problems I experienced. I contacted my credit card account and they shut it down and are sending a claims form. The trip was removed from my “Trips” section completely, of course.  Our suggestion is that you save yourself some time and trouble by asking the first customer service agent right away if they will have the authority to provide you with your desired result (a refund, cancellation, etc). Answer is no, What was the outcome as I am in the same position now and am thinking about legal action, BEWARE Superhost Mark “Cozy Cottage” Walker, Louisiana. Writing back and forth emails with Airbnb and the host. Clearly it is not only guests who are having issues with airbnb. If you’re looking to reach Airbnb customer service via phone, this is widely-circulated number is the best place to get help: 1-855-424-7262 (or 1-855-4-AIRBNB) indicates that their customer service is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and that the average wait-time is 20 minutes. I would love for anyone to share suggestions on how I can expose Sextant Stays and Air BNB of there unfair and unethical practices. All of those people will be out o luck. 15 DAYS!!! I am so disappointed, as this was my first time using the app. I called them and messaged them many times, I get the same shit every time. For five females, this was not okay. The host has made some attempts to resolve the issues however, the TV service is till freezing up and very unreliable. Try this link to message or call them: Account & Profile: Within this category, users can read about managing their Airbnb account and profile, from setting it up and making it secure, to receiving references. Contacter Airbnb. Updated on December 9, 2020 by Asher Fergusson. And what if the home they are renting have tons of issues and you have to pay for technician to fix it as the host is a scammer? DON~`T BOOK WITH THEM! We were going to be there for 28 days. I’m facing the same issue. You are so lucky Rob. Do I have those same fictional rights in mexico? They will do their best to avoid letting you speak to a supervisor. He came in screaming and yelling at us to get the fuck out. bye getting in touch with you guys patently coordinating, it might taking time in this hard time, but they ether care its been a month i am waiting for my refund and they are saying with in 14days you will get your refund, check with your bank, when i checked with my bank the refund is not done when i tried to convey the same to them they were like it is 14 working days and i am really wondering ether they work onc day in a week , tell me with in a month you guys have not worked for 14days. I provided all the screenshots, documentsetc. Upon arrival the home smelled of cannabis (who am I to judge) and a girl locked in the bathroom crying and moaning. The house was a mess and his room left in a disgusting state.A Bluetooth speaker was stolen.He did not leave his key so I had to get the locks changed Airbnb have pushed me from pillar to post for nearly a month in trying to resolve this case and get compensation for the extra guests during this guests month long stay in my home. What should I do ? This is just ridiculous. Reviews: In this section, learn about writing reviews, responding to reviews, and managing reviews. Yesterday I received all the amount of money and minutes after they draw back all the amount from my account that they just send me back. Find the inaccuracies 3. I’m sure they have millions of dollars sitting on people’s accounts that they will only be allowed to be used for a new reservation, and according to other complaints, even then it can’t be used for the second half of a payment! How could she write me that??????? I am unable to sleep, infact how will I sleep in this room without a AC?. It is not my fault she did not get her money back and yet she feels it is. THE WORST EVER!!!! This company is a Fraud!!! We have not heard from Airbnb in days after multiple attempts through their phone, email, Facebook messenger and their messenger system. What the hell kind of cult is this!? Just got off the phone (again) with AirBNB. Rumor has it many are inside jobs…: The money isn’t even an issue now. One of the leading credit rating agencies, Experian, was hacked in 2015, causing the personal data of 15 million Americans to be exposed. In addition, we had 2 separate sets of flights cancelled. Meanwhile I had already booked a second place and the cancellation period was passed for the second one as well. They refused to give me the number of the person above them or any identification or verification of whom I was actually speaking with. Something didn’t sit right with me about that. I made a reservation on a property and I read the cancellation policy was to cancel within 48 hrs if you change your mind. Vacation-rental company Airbnb announced it has removed or suspended more than 65 listings on its site in the Bay Area in its latest move to stamp out … I have booked my reservation in india and payment was successful from my side and i have been changed but app says cancelled .. when i call customercare they are not able to resolve my issue .. Airbnb Empfehlungsprogramm – Geschäftsbedingungen. This is what they advertise on AirBNB, and it is nothing close to the picture. I had to explain to her that it wasn’t anything I did that caused the cancellation. And They blocked my number to call to the customer service! Won’t honor their extenuating circumstances from Covid policy DESPITE US citizens being prohibited from traveling to Europe. Both were conditions that the Host had agreed to provide a refund in the eventuality. My neighbor’s property is routinely leased for less than a week, and nothing is ever filed with the HOA. She said she would pass it on. The T&Cs on AirBnB for the booking stated that a full refund was only possible if cancellation within 2 days of booking. According to them, I should have called AirBnb the first night I arrived. I easily got refunded from my credit card since Airbnb were useless and only could give me 57 back out of 500 , so I finally got half back from Chase (the credit card company used) and a few days later Airbnb had the audacity to REBILL me for that amount without my authority!! Airbnb should have some quality standards and should partner with hosts who are responsible. I just want them to settle what they owe and then im out. Property was in litigation for 4 years, see Shvekh vs Stroud Township for details. But, it appears that being an established customer means nothing to Airbnb. They wouldn’t do so at home as it would bother their neighbors, their foul behavior bothers this neighborhood. I utilize about 15 other websites for my property and i dont have one ounce of bullshit from any of them. They took the booking, took the money, we were refused a stay, and now they refuse to refund. But no way for me to do this to let the other customers to know the truth, which means all the expense disappears. Coincidentally, my refund for the canceled trip was the same as the new booking in Indonesia. Hotline Airbnb – so erreicht ihr den Kundenservice. They are thieves. Hope I get some response from airbnb and they help me to make my place liveable. I also contacted the human trafficking hotline as I truly feel she was being kept against her will. Here is a link from Airbnb saying you will not be charged anything – i need to contact airbnb due wrongly give email for confirmation booking. thank you. My story: I’m 2 days into a 4 month trip w/ 3 airbnb rentals. Brazil +55 21 3958-5800. The company has made kind gestures to satisfy its users needs. Our 24 hr. You actually get to speak with a HUMAN BEING,when you have a problem!!!! Someone hacked into my account made 5 bookings sent money to host and I call customer customer service and they are unable to help with anything. Airbnb refuses to let me login and has been reviewing my info for a month. (I’ve never ever stayed in a hotel, no matter how crappy that didn’t have a towel) – no closet space available for my use, nor any hangers (the place had lots of closets, just none that I could use) – filthy sheets and pillow cases, and even though I paid a $100 cleaning fee, it was still required of me to strip the bed upon leaving. I was given a negative review by someone who did not stay with me and airbnb seem to think that is ok, I have written to just about everyone I can find on advice platforms to no avail. Airbnb does take Fraud seriously. ∙ Here, you can use a drop-down menu to select your problem and directly message Airbnb's customer service. We booked three months ago inc (flights, work days off, car rental).

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