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For car fans, Flick controlled both Daimler-Benz and Audi at one point. Hitler converted German factories to build his weapons as well, though he did it in the most dispicable, disgusting and inhumane way possible. BMW’s past? You mean like in the Palestinian Authority where selling land to a Jew is a capital crime? A lie sucessfully covered up is more powerful than a lie that is exposed. Günther Quandt (28 July 1881 – 30 December 1954) was a German industrialist and Nazi who founded an industrial empire that today includes BMW and Altana (chemicals). The other is from the Federal Register, and simply reports the seizure of UBC’s assets, which is not disputed. THis was wbusiness was done in under the Nazis. The Nazi’s weren’t in power until Hitler became Chancellor on January 30, 1933. Think about it. I meant to say that the US converted most of its industry to the war effort providing jobs and incomes for millions of Americans. The Arabs preferred to keep the Palestinians as outsiders to their societies, a festering sore and perpetual grievance to be used against Israel. Would you prefer the poor teenagers be unemployed and hungry? Group – “Welcome Dieter. if you are going to imply that Ford or Prescot Bush did as you say…please submit the facts so we can all see what the heck you are talking about and when//how it all fits in a time line. Million of Hindus left Pakistan and similarly millions of Muslims left India. How convenient. The Quandt dynasty began in 1883 when Emil Quandt took over a textile company from his father-in-law. For you to say that child laborers should be happy to have a job is an insult, and shows a total lack of understanding of the situation. Totally not what I meant to convey with that post. Henry repudiated the deal. When Palestine grants the same level of freedoms to non-Palestinians as Israelis grant Palestinians, I’ll listen to their claims of victimhood. This article summarizes some of the case against Ford: According to the US Army report of 1945, prepared by Henry Schneider, German Ford began producing vehicles of a strictly military nature for the Reich even before the war began. get another. War was Hell. These folks used ignorance as a facade so they could pretend not to be responsible for their actions. Sure, many Palestinians are good citizens of Israel and just want to make a living. Günther Quandt is similar to these people: Herbert Quandt, Altana, Harald Quandt and more. Edsel’s son Henry Ford II was, as far as I can tell, philosemitic. What I am trying to do is keep it real. God made us this way for a reason.”. Seriously, say that to the face of a WWII survior. Speaking of apologies, because the Japs don’t like to do that, in a global war scenario, after retaking Taiwan, guess who’s China gonna go after next? the son of Emil Quandt (1849–1925). There was large scale emigration of Jews from eastern Europe, primarily to the United States, but also to western Europe and to what was then Palestine. I’m not here to support or rationalize anything that is or was done to exploit people, but there is enough culpability to go around. Everyone has morals and balls until they see a member of their family with a gun to their head. And yes, repugnant too. How did this happen? The film revealed not only the slave laborers, but also that Günther Quandt had convinced Nazi contacts to send a Belgian competitor to a concentration camp after he refused to sell his company to Quandt. Products at a low price. No one can undo the heinous and cowardly acts that were committed during WWII by the third reich. When asked by the Roosevelt administration to shift over to war time production after Pearl Harbor, GM was reluctant at best and took quite a bit of convincing to do so. Meanwhile, those same folks are silent about the dearth of black faces in the Cuban regime, curious in a country where a majority of people have some African ancestry. Exactly. Treasury was investigating Edsel for violations of the Trading With the Enemy Act. Hitler regarded him as “the leader of the growing Fascist movement in America”.”. You will be the first to stand up and shout your innocence and demand to be judged by what you do. The Silence of the Quandt Family highlighted how patriarch Günther Quandt, grandfather to the generation now controlling BMW (BMWG.DE), built a blood-stained wartime fortune on the back of slave labor and how he sidestepped postwar recrimination. “We recognize that in our history as a German business family, the years 1933 to 1945 have not been sufficiently cleared up.”. Since this has degenerated into personal attacks, I will no longer respond to any additional posts, however, I will say that since you apparently have a need to insult the relatives of others, my opinion of you has changed considerably. Many German companies including BMW, Volkswagen (VOWG.DE), and Deutsche Bank (DB) already have explored their own wartime collaboration and misdeeds during the Nazi era, publishing books, turning over documentation to experts, and paying millions of dollars into funds distributed to forced-labor survivors. The Quandt family, major shareholder of BMW, and one of the richest in Germany, is finally and belatedly confessing to its Nazi-past. Was among the first US troops into Buchenwald, it changed him forever. It wasn’t the Israeli Jews who kept Palestinians in refugee camps (after the Palestinian leaders encouraged those refugees to become refugees to clear the battlefield for the invading Arab armies), it was Arab leaders and Arab societies that refused to assimilate Palestinian refugees into their countries. You know, blah blah blah, Trilateral Commission, blah blah blah, Masons, blah blah blah, “new world order”, blah blah blah, Hitler, blah blah blah, aliens at Area 51. Next, please try to stay in focus and if you are going to imply that Ford or Prescot Bush did as you say…please submit the facts so we can all see what the heck you are talking about and when//how it all fits in a time line. Adolf Hitler acted as witness at the wedding. Or Prescott Bush for doing the same?? An enemy sworn to your destruction should be crushed as long as such behavior continues. The senior German officers would then take a member of the soldiers family, hold a gun to their head and ask them what they planned to do next. enough of the innuendos and muck raking. Let’s all hope we never have to relive a chapter of History like that one. This apology probably should have happened back in January. I can tell from your post that you have never served, and have no concept of what occurs during war. The seizure is confirmed by Vesting Order No. Anything that can scar a man for 50 plus years has to be unspeakably horrible and doesn’t even come close to a textile sweat shop. The US had a choice at the end of the war: Let the vanquished live in squalor and taking the chance that another dictatorship (communist or otherwise) might take over; permanently “de-industrialize” Germany and Japan (this was seriously considered by the FDR administration); or rebuild them as democracies and trading partners. Günther Quandt was arrested and interned in 1946. According to Daniel Goldhagen’s research, while there are no records of German soldiers being punished for refusing to commit atrocities, there are records of soldiers who asked to be relieved of that duty and were assigned to other tasks without recrimination. No no no – it’s an inter-continental railroad. D’uh. Return what was stolen during the War? I’m glad the Quandts finally owned up to their past (albeit 6 decades too late) but I’m not sure if it’s right to link this rotten business to BMW as a company. Yes, that was the Nazi way. Günther Quandt first married Antoine … Israel is not a perfect democracy – I have problems with electing the Knesset at large instead of geographic representation – but only people without sense or with Orwellian newspeak intentions will conclude that Israel is an apartheid state. what APaGttH says in the first ‘graph. Lots of companies from Germany have the stain of Nazi involvement. And we waged terrible war on them – including the killing (and incineration) of hundreds of thousands of women and kids in cities. Nazi Germany was execrable and required destruction. American indistrialists lust over opportunities like that. “Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer”, was the parole valid until 1945. Ya – the Germany operations continued to run as a Germany subsidiary and the German government happily sent currency to the United States, which would be use for lets think…oh ya, GM and Ford war production factories to produce more. And the Washington Post article that is linked to in the post above merely states that GM and Ford’s wartime activities in Germany were being scrutinized by Holocaust survivors. A person with a hidden evil cannot be forgiven, and without forgiveness, cannot be saved. BMW’yi Quandt’lar ele geçirdikten 3 yıl sonra, 1962 yılında yeni segment otomobil olan BMW 1500 modelini piyasaya sürdü ve o tarihten itibaren BMW sürekli büyüdü. That worked out fine. BMW is paying reparations to people at your synagogue by making the best cars in the world available for their pleasure. We were wimps. The Quandt family, major shareholder of BMW, and one of the richest in Germany, is finally and belatedly confessing to its Nazi-past. The thing is, the invasion of Poland, France and Russia would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the cooperation of GM to build all the Opel Blitz trucks needed for the invasion(s). The Quandts made their money in the years up to World War II primarily through a corporation that made batteries (eventually becoming the firm using the VARTA brand name). Maybe I should cry myself to sleep tonight because I’m not personally preventing the atrocities that are happening this very moment around the world? Like a rich family in Natchez, the Quandts could depend upon other’s conscience to not be asked what their roles were in the atrocities – not their own conscience, or lack of. BMW, his most valuable asset, was inherited by his third wife Johanna Quandt and their children, Stefan Quandt, 46, and Susanne Klatten, 50. Now how about Mitsubishi admitting the same, or other Japanese corporations who profited from American POW slavery? http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/G%C3%BCnther_Quandt , the German version). and point of fact…ANY company selling war materials and making a profit are by definition…war profiteers! A lie that is not exposed is an evil capable of coming back to life. Some German commentators surmise the broadcast was not announced in advance for fear of legal interference from the Quandts to block the program. After all…it was well into the Nazi regime before anybody truly understood the horrors being committed. [1] Die als öffentlichkeitsscheu geltenden Quandts nahmen 2014 mit 31 Mrd. I honestly expected more from a so called “journalist” who I would expect to read between the lines and not have to spell out everything for them. Can you give me a brief synopsis of the history of the “Palestinians” from the 17th to the 19th century? They acquired a majority on deadly sick BMW well after WWII and, by their money, saved that company. Oh! BMW dynasty breaks silence over Nazi past Telegraph. May seem like a catch-22, but that’s the point. It’s easy to be smug and claim to want to “pay a few dollars” more, but the reality is that if it weren’t for Nike, some of the “child labor” and their family would be starving. Please explain how BMW got away all these years with not paying anything into the compensation fund for slave labor, while VW -which did not even exist as a business until after the war – paid all that they did. In fact, BMW had already acknowleged forced labor in BMW factories and paid into the fund. If you are a parent, how would you feel if one of these workers was you child? The world is a complicated place and saints are rare. The Palestinians get better treatment from the Israelis than they deserve. If only tort lawyers and their late night TV ads had existed in 1946, Justice would have been done. Well said TrailerTrash. It premiered at the Hamburg Film Festival on Sept. 30 and was aired without notice on television later that night, at 11:30 p.m., reaching an estimated audience of 1.3 million. 259). There is a memorial in front to all those who died there, to which the Quandts refused to donate anything. There are many things that we will never know. Perhaps more relevant to the topic at hand, from 1948 into the 1950s about 750,000 Sephardi Jews were made refugees from the Arab countries where they were born and lived for generations, by violence and threats of violence against Jews by Arabs aggrieved over the establishment of the State of Israel. God made us this way for a reason. Aside of that, the Quandt business decisions always were successful, since WWI. ANY company selling war materials and making a profit are by definition…war profiteers! The family patriarch was part of the regime.”. As pointed out by 009 the Quandt family were involved with the nazi’s but didn’t actually own BMW at that time. I just wanted to leave a quick note to thank Ronnie Schreiber for his intelligent and well written comments about this topic. We have Kids strapping on bombs to repay a wrong a thousand years earlier. Unless you are of German ancestry, you have no concept of the shame and embarrassment the majority of the German people feel over what occurred during WWII. NOBODY is suggesting there were NOT horrible sins comited. Because I don’t wish to believe that the Germans could still turn each other in, rat fink, and squeal on each other except for real reasons like, you know, environmental laws and because what the other person did was really, really irritating. Because there cannot be any honest progress without honest admissions. The ball is in Palestine’s court and it is time they stop lobbying bombs back instead of the damn ball.

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